I’ve never had a pet. Sure I’ve kept the occasional turtle, frog, insect, or other random animal until they ran off, were evicted by parental units, or died, but never have I had a long-term animal companion.

The other half loves dogs.  for years now I’ve been hearing stories of this rottie she nursed back to health, the unmemorable mutt her parents had when she was small, or the dachshund she had to hide after a breakup so the X wouldn’t take it.  All I usually hear in these conversations is “what had happened was blah, blah, dog ate blah, problem was blah, and blah blah blah…”  all I need is something alive that takes more time from my schedule, and tears up crap.

So a friends Basset hound turned up preggers with a litter of Texas fence jumper puppies and she’s been blatantly indoctrinating my old lady into a fever.  Blackmailing us with photos and videos, and sob stories about how my 11-year-old needs a dog, and it always ends up in that that stupid baby voice AWWwwww PUPPies!  Makes me sick.  Only good to come of it so far is a couple trips out to my buddies farm for BBQ, beer, and shooting off the back porch while the women folk fawn over half a dozen furrballs.  It was on one of these pre-adoption visits that something went amiss…TORNADO!

Yes twas April 26th, the night of the Rio Vista Tornado.  While we were finishing Game of thrones the banner came across the TV warning of impending doom, and we all took to our phones for weather data.  Turned out the storm was coming, but staying just far enough to do have us diving for the bathtub!  I ended up pulling the Jeep into my friends shipping container (Remember if you do this, take drivers door OFF First!  The worst of it missed us, but when it quieted down just after 2am I had to head home and ford spots where swollen creeks were now crossing the roads,  and pull fallen trees out of our path.

YouTube video links: https://youtu.be/mxjU-5a9PyI & https://youtu.be/dRemBSc-dpE