Somehow I have managed to miss writing the “About Me” page until now…oops, sorry.  I thought this whole thing was about me…

After a motorcycle accident I decided to look for a more safe recreational activity, something that say, had seat belts… The poor old pickup was sitting a 260,000+ miles and requiring more work every year so I started car shopping. Without a family to cart around I started straying toward a Camaro or Mustang, but soon realized that you can’t see anything from those low vantage points, and the first speed bump you forget to creep over can cause hundreds of dollars in body damage.  So I opened back up to a teenage infatuation and started looking at Jeeps.  Still small and maneuverable, but tough enough to go just about anywhere.

Now, Years later, I am still stuck on the Jeep Life.  Jeep Jamborees, Jeep Clubs, just about any Jeep Events, and I try to be there.  I love the looks I get driving the ZombieWrangler around town.  Waves, VIP Parking, and even the ashamed smiles of people who think it’s silly.  My son has helped fill the doors with stickers and it’s always a great time to go anywhere with him, he loves to wave at other jeeps and already is telling me not to wreck it – it’s going to be his first car.

Watch out I may be in your neck of the woods someday.

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Great Sunset - Texas has lots of these
Great Sunset – Texas has lots of these