My post on Canik Fanatik –

I have fun at pistol matches. I’m not going to be the fastest or best, and I’m fine with that. The first year I wanted to buy everything I saw the “Pros” wearing, but as I’ve gotten to know more of those people, they exhibit a higher competitive drive than I do.  It makes sense that they get the latest and greatest stuff.  For me – not so much. I just want to be able to repeat motions so I’m not fumbling for a holster with a loaded firearm. Thus the post title and this preface.

I shoot multiple sports with different rules and requirements. IDPA requires a single belt with holster and vertical mag pouches behind the hip. USPSA allows for the double belt and more adjustable mag pouches. I’ll focus on the USPSA rig and note what I have to allow flexibility.


SFx with Burris FastFire3 – I like top-load battery. I replaced the battery that came in the box from factory (old?) and have not had to replace it again in over a year. Love the dot, I hit anything I can hold steady on. Easily 3” groups at 25 yd. Case is a Bulldog pistol coffin $30-Amazon – and Yes, it is red velvet lined, and I have the matching rifle coffin bag. In other news, TP9 -SA and -DA are bone stock.

BELT: Uncle Mike’s Tactical 87713 Competition Belt, X-Large

$23.55 Amazon – It works fine, the belt is over ¼” thick and very stiff. Was hard to attach some accessories because outer belt is so thick. Velcro is only in the center 1” and not super secure, I use a lot of belt keepers (5-6) between almost every piece of gear. But belt has never caused any issues. I think the comp rig need to be something that you don’t modify or move, consistency is key. Clamp down the items once you have things where you want them.

HOLSTER: Safariland 578 7TS GLS Pro-Fit, Standard Frame, Long Slide, Paddle & Belt Loop Holster

$40 Amazon – This fits all of my CANIK pistols. I like retention holsters and don’t need anything fancy. I got the long slide model to fit the SFx and the shorter barrels don’t matter. It comes with the paddle and belt options and lots of extra hardware in the package. My only upgrade was adding the Safariland Quick Locking System Kit with QLS 19 and QLS 22 ($20) so I have one receiver permanently affixed on my belt with a Blade-Tech Tek-Lok clip ($12) and another on the paddle so I can move holster around when going to IDPA, where I like the paddle over just a Tek-Lock on my belt.

MAG CARRIERS – here is the biggest split between rule-sets. 
IDPA – Blade-Tech Industries Signature Series Double Mag Pouch with Tek-Lok generic 9/40 mags
$30 Amazon – Quick and easy, nothing else to say. I like the Tek-Lok clips because they have a spacer and a 1.5” channel so you can have things ride up or down a little on most 1.25” belts, and they have a flip to keep them secure. For IDPA I just use a leather belt I bought at a gun show for like $30 a long time ago, it’s old and stiff and custom contoured to my fat belly by years of use.

USPSA – IPSC USPSA Competition Multi-Angle Speed Pistol Magazine Pouch Mag Holster
eBay – $12 I liked the scorpion type carriers, they ae very adjustable, but not worth $40 each. I bought 4 from 4 different sellers on eBay all under $15 and they were almost identical. The best shipping and packaging was Tac-Junction (eBay store) you can get a whole belt setup w/4 of these pouches for $66, add a holster and you are all set. I left one screw out of the cover plate so I can swivel it out of the way and tighten the Allen screw inside if they get loose. I check them every match and have never had a problem. I can do it without looking or removing my belt now.

Note, unless you want to be in “OPEN” (race gun) division, mag carriers cannot have/be magnets

Looks like I slipped in one pic of my most recent EDC holster – Custom Kydex from a local shop Brawler Tactical, Great Guys if you are in Ft Worth area. Note that the SFx DOES NOT FIT in Kydex–it is out of battery – the tip is formed around the SA, and the SFx nose is almost an inch longer. The guys at Brawler/Circle Finger Laser also did the laser engraving BioHazard on the SFx’s nose.