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April 2012

Earth Day Wheelin

Doors –

I just got a set of half doors that were missing the upper frames and canvas....from a friend who had wrecked hs Jeep long ago- for the price I though they'd be junk but I went to look anyway and... Continue Reading →


Just got in the budget boost kit from Zone Offroad.  Getting excited - this month (April) their promo was a free upgrade to the Nitro Shocks!! --  Can't wait to get these guys installed and have Aliss  up where she... Continue Reading →

Another quick word from my sponsor

This blog and all the Jeep parts I keep buying are paid for in part by my zombie apocalypse paracord survival bracelets.  Carry 550LB rope anywhere.

Zombie Responce Team < ZRT

Be sure to check out the ZRT, They have some great info about surviving a zombie apocalypse -Know what gear to pack when time is important (42Solutions -ParaCord Survival Bands 😛 ) - Have a plan to evacuate the metropolitan... Continue Reading →

Baby got a new set of shoes!

Start with the good news, girlfriend sold her car couple months back to a guy that worked for a local tire shop, not the big chain stores that sell new tires, but the little mom-and-pop "we'll buy your used rims"... Continue Reading →

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

Stock bumpers are for show only.  if you have been reading you know my first off-road Trip resulted in a winch and a bent rear bumper.  Time to get Rid of that junk... Off to shop!!! Just wanted a plain... Continue Reading →

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