Hello there, Whilst I cruise the DFW metroplex I occasionally wander across another fellow zombie aficionado who is not afraid to display their crusade colors on their Vehicle.  I try my best to grab a pic, and here you will find all the Zombie-Fellows I’ve been able to capture.  Please email me to claim credit, and I’ll send you a Decal or 42Solutions4Survival ParaCord bracelet as a token of solidarity.  If you have a Zombie Ride feel free to email me a photo and I’ll get you on the page.  Submit a photo or link to your ride – email : AZ@ZombieWrangler.com or twitter @AzombieWrangler, or on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/thezombiewrangler/ or just leave a reply below.

And, as always, Jeeps and websites are expensive, if you like what you see, or want something more, consider donating to the site, or purchasing some ZombieWrangler creations from my Etsy Store.