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Cain Arms Mag Bases

Someone post these on the FaceBooks this week and since I added a 3rd TP9 to my collection I'm looking for some more mag extensions. This guy 3d prints the base pads in multiple colors, and so far as I... Continue Reading →



I have mentioned before, in my spare time I've been shooting in some local competitions.  I've done all kinds of disciplines IDPA, IPSC, 2-Gun, 3-Gun, even Skeet & Trap, but none have been more fun for me than the USPSA... Continue Reading →

Spice World 2017 – Getting your name off your shirt

Had a great time presenting at SpiceWorld Austin 2017.  It was hard, I was nervous, but audience was gracious and receptive and I got feedback from many thankful for the information. OK here is where I am posting the the... Continue Reading →

Server Security with ZombieWrangler – On the Air w/Spiceworks and HPe

My secret identity I put on during the week to pay the bills is that of a mild-mannered IT guy.  I landed an interview and webcast with a leading IT community to go over what I do at my office... Continue Reading →

Dogs won’t Die

Yes the pooches are still here. Hodor & Tryrion the Bassglehunds have taken on a life of luxury and I even on occasion pet them or let them sit near me whilst watching TV.  They have also learned to leverage... Continue Reading →

Shooting for Dissapointment

I've been shooting local competitions for a few months now, and I just had an equipment failure that I thought I'd document and share. Yes it happened. And since I believe the internet is a forum is about sharing the... Continue Reading →

This ain’t your Aunt’s Anthill

Melting stuff is cool. SO when I hear a friend of mine made one of those youTube Propane Forges I started gathering all the aluminum I could find in hopes of casting something cool. He's made knives and other sculptures... Continue Reading →

Yes I CANik

I got a new gun. but the story isn't that simple, as in partly why I haven't been blogging last several months. It started in October (see last "3-gun" post) I have never done any firearm competitions before this year.... Continue Reading →

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