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Still Shooting – Video Library

Been busy and not keeping up with the blog. I have still been doing shooting matches and taking videos, but I have been posting them as private to avoid excess scrutiny. Here are some links and descriptions so I can... Continue Reading →

Bike for sale

2006 VStar 1100 19K w/Trailer & Extras $3500 - Updated Aug 2021 2-tone silver & gold motorcycle with available trailer & lots of extras. It has been sitting for over 2 years and I'm probably not going to ever make... Continue Reading →

This SysAdmin Day (7/31) remember IT workers are the real heroes of the COVID era

As I sit down to write this I can’t decide on what order to lay out the talking points. Heck, I am not really sure what day it is. I know have to wear a face mask despite the fact... Continue Reading →

Built by hand

Had a couple old posts eluding to the fact that we moved and were doing some remodeling - that is the simple story.  The full story takes 9 months, and what became a part time job that I had to... Continue Reading →

Estate Sale

So we bought a house, but unlike most homes that sell this one came full of stuff.  It's a long story, but the cliff notes version is house was built by family, for family, who needed to go to assisted... Continue Reading →

Casual Competitor’s Gear Guide

My post on Canik Fanatik - I have fun at pistol matches. I’m not going to be the fastest or best, and I’m fine with that. The first year I wanted to buy everything I saw the “Pros” wearing,... Continue Reading →

Cain Arms Mag Bases

Someone post these on the FaceBooks this week and since I added a 3rd TP9 to my collection I'm looking for some more mag extensions. This guy 3d prints the base pads in multiple colors, and so far as I... Continue Reading →


I have mentioned before, in my spare time I've been shooting in some local competitions.  I've done all kinds of disciplines IDPA, IPSC, 2-Gun, 3-Gun, even Skeet & Trap, but none have been more fun for me than the USPSA... Continue Reading →

Spice World 2017 – Getting your name off your shirt

Had a great time presenting at SpiceWorld Austin 2017.  It was hard, I was nervous, but audience was gracious and receptive and I got feedback from many thankful for the information. OK here is where I am posting the the... Continue Reading →

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