Start with the good news, girlfriend sold her car couple months back to a guy that worked for a local tire shop, not the big chain stores that sell new tires, but the little mom-and-pop “we’ll buy your used rims” kinda place.  Lopez Tire in Burleson.   He said to stop in some time and he could make me a deal on some tires, they get the pull-offs from other stores when people drive up with their new cars and want to upgrade tire/wheel packages.   I had finally saved up a little bit so I stopped by on Monday to see what he had.

There were not any tires in the size I wanted, but he had got in a nice gently used set of American Alloy 15×8 Rims that had a [-2] backset (I learned that means that the bolt plate is 2 inches off center to the inside – making the tire stick out more), after a bit of haggling, and my firm stand that I only needed 4, not all 5, He finally threw in the 5th on free and I loaded up the rims for $150.  Not too shabby.  Went home and put them in the garage to await further expenditures because that was my Jeep budget for the month….

Then the fun started.

I’ll have to keep telling myself , every cloud has a silver lining, things happen for a reason, failure is the mother of opportunity… all these things, over and over again.  “What does this have to do with shoes“, you say?

I am calling tires car shoes, kind of the same thing – it’s the only part that should touch the ground.  Well unless one goes flat, then it folds over and the rim hits the ground.   That was my problem.   Driver’s front tire has been exhibiting an air leak for a week, but when I re-inflated it for the daily drive to work something happened -it started bouncing almost uncontrollably anytime I went over 50 mph.  So on Friday I took it in for what I hoped was a flat repair….FAIL…. tire was buckled….need to replace it…

So here is the conundrum – why should I spend $160 on one 215x75x15 ‘training wheel’ when I have this nice new set of rims and really want to get some big ol’ knobby off-road tires??   Well for one thing those SOB’s are EXPENSIVE!  Goodyear MT/R Kevlar off-road tires are $192 each (but there is an $80 rebate on a set of 4),  and to boot, they are not even in stock – have to wait to Tuesday….So I had a little temper tantrum with the guy on the phone about holding my Jeep hostage, and I should just put the crappy tire back on in the rear and I’d come pick it up.

Well as a consolation prize he offered to discount the next best off-road tire they had by $19/tire, and give me free replacement warranties on them all.   That sound’s great, but I still can’t afford 4 new tires…. But guess what – he had a solution for that too – do a quick online credit application and get 6-months same as cash….you could be approved immediately.  So what the heck – good thing Discount tire uses the same lender that I’ve paid off a motorcycle with…

So here it is now up on a shiny new set of BF Goodrich 31×10.5.15 All-Terrain tires, and my $150/month jeep budget is spent through August 😦

But it sure does look better…..