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Still Shooting – Video Library Patchwork of video clips of recent range trips and matches 2022/9/4
Bike for sale I think I may be ready to part with the bike….maybe… 2021/8/1
This SysAdmin Day (7/31) remember IT workers are the real heroes of the COVID era Shameless self promotion of an otherwise thankless job.  We all work hard and not everyone gets credit. 2020/7/22
Built by hand I did a thing, with tools and pallets of wood. Sorry been gone. 2019/7/4
Estate Sale Something big is happening in ZimbieWrangler Land…. 2018/9/12
Casual Competitor’s Gear Guide Trying to put together some info for my friends to learn and come out and join me for a match sometime. 2018/4/17
Cain Arms Mag Bases Gun parts reviews, I’m not a giant influencer…yet…. 2017/11/13
USPSA’n shooting infatuation is reaching new levels…but I’m getting good 2017/11/5
Spice World 2017 – Getting your name off your shirt I Hosted my own session at an IT Conference – Yes, I am an EXPERT now heh whatever 2017/10/10
Server Security with ZombieWrangler – On the Air w/Spiceworks and HPe My alternative identity as a mild-mannered IT guy was featured in a webinar, talking security with HP. 2017/9/22
Dogs won’t Die Another update on the Bassglehunds Hodor & Tyrion 2 yrs in 2017/4/22
— Fork in the Road — -or- Why are you Here (index of topics) Reworked the blog a little to make it more modern.  New template and this page to help with topical navigation 2017/3/17
Shooting for Dissapointment Local pistol competition ramblings 2017/2/20
This ain’t your Aunt’s Anthill Melting down PC parts to cast a fire ant mound like I saw on YouTube – what could go wrong? 2017/2/20
Yes I CANik New gun for below event breakdown 2016/12/30
3 Guns for Charity Father son charity event that changed my understanding of shooting sports 2016/10/14
Shocking the shock repairs revisited Time to get a welder involved 2016/6/22
More *SHOCKING*repairs Working on the Jeep…again… this time with complications 2016/5/19
Jeep Free Topless Weekend Got the other convertible out of the garage for a run around town 2016/3/4
Tshirts T’go Figured out how to use vinyl cutter to make shirts 2016/2/28
Vinyl Variety Started to work with custom vinyl cutting – aka STICKERS!!! 2016/1/30
 –Puppies part deaux More Pics and things I’ve learned from having dogs 2015/10/10
 Particularly Puzzling Problems Procuring Puppies Produce, Plus TORNADO!
  new  family  members arrive  amidst the wettest May ever in Texas
 ZombieElement is Rolling

Pics of the better half’s Blood-red vinyl Zombified Honda Element

 It’s Wheeling Day!!  Photos from getting dirty and rocking at Bridgeport NW OHV 9/6/14 2014/09/06


Samples and photos from my newest hobby and it’s equipment – CUSTOM VINYL DECALS.
I am getting better daily and can make just about anything your vinyl dreams can come up with.
 Disconnected part Deaux  Replacing hitch pin disconnects with JKS MANUFACTURING dis-connectable swaybar links 2014/02/08
 Rule No. 1 – Cardio  Just some snacks and energy drinks that I’m high on right now 2014/07/11
 Ft Worth Fav Foods SOME of my favorite eateries in and around my stomping grounds 2014/07/09
 Shocking Christmas in May  Installation of the Rubicon Express Steering Stabilizer 2014/05/11
 Daily Jeepin  Random updates and pics 2013/02/19
 Mobile Air  Working out my Smittybilt mobile ari system – CO2 tank 2013/10/28
 Downtown Ft.Worth New Eats  Brunch and the not-yet-open Del Friscos Grille in Sundance Square 2013/10/26
 Lightsabers bring out the kid in me  Playing with my new Ultrasabers 2013/10/21
 You Light up My Life  Installing new LED light pods on the windshield mounts 2013/08/16

Get me my Revolver

Trip out to the Revolver Brewing Saturday Tour and Tasting

Disconnected  Another cheap mod for you Jeep – $10 Hitch Pin Disconnects 2013/07/29
 Objects in Mirror are LOSING!  My $20 doorless mirror mod 2013/07/22
 Palo Duro 2  – Photos  100+ photos from the 25th annual Jeep Jamboree in PaloDuro canyon 2013/05/28
 Palo Duro Canyon 1 – Jeep Jamboree Videos  Video links to YouTube of Dash cam canyon crawling on the 2013 PaloDuro Jeep Jamboree just outside of Amarillo TX. 2013/05/23
Gas for the Owner Beer and a Visit to local Martin House Brewing Co, and Rahr 2013/05/12
Grill Bling Installing Jeep lettering on the hood. 2013/05/11
SpiderWeb Shade Review and Installation notes on Bikini-style sunshade 2013/05/10
Jeep-In Movies Taking the Zombie Wrangler to the new movies in Ft. Worth. 2013/05/09
Raising Cane Jeep club Cruise-in in Arlington 2013/04/29
The First Zombie Tactical Recon Vehicle Vinyl biohazard lettering and decals from 2013/04/23
Zombie Awareness Effort New T-shirts from 2013/04/22
Smittybilt Euro Tail Light Cages – Installed! what that says 2013/04/21
Spare Tire and Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Making and installing spacers for Backspaced rom on the stock TJ tire carrier. 2013/04/08
Happy reBirthday ZombieWrangler Website is 1 year old – Look how much the jeep changed. 2013/03/20
A winching we will go Installing my Smittybilt XRS 8500 winch 2013/02/23
A Christmas Jeep Story Some of the stuff I got for Christmas 2013/01/28
Zombie Jeep Mafia So many Pics of other Zombie-fied vehicles I needed to make it’s own page 2013/01/20
Tolar Turkey Run Wheelin’ trip to Rock Trails of Tolar 2012/12/02
Overhead GEAR rack with CB installation Review and Installation notes on overhead rack and modding it to hold a CB 2012/10/27
Recon Training – BPNWOHV 102112 Wheeling trip to Bridgeport 2012/10/21
<deleted> Probably some sordid pictures of my x- or something you really wanted to see – too bad 2012/10/04
Don’t shoot from the hip -shoot for the hip Zombie killing thought and ideas 2012/09/22
Good Old Planetside, how I missed thee  Video Game – Planetside2 Beta testing and release 2012/09/21
Zombie Mafia  Pics of other Zombie cars and trucks 2012/09/01
Twin Peaks Jeep Cruise in at Twin Peaks- Euless 2012/07/19
Behind the Wheelin’ wheel Other people’s pics and videos from Bridgeport wheelin’ trip. 2012/07/16
Wheeling in the Sun info and pics from Bridgeport wheelin’ trip. 2012/07/14
Cold in Here  Fixing A/C in the summer 2012/07/07
Post-Zpoc Tech I  Technology concerns for the end of the world 2012/07/01
Brain Food  My Favorite  Fort Worth Food Truck 2012/06/20
Stick it  Hood Lettering form 1060Graphics 2012/06/13
Helping out  Working on “the webb shack” and 42 Solutions paracord bracelets 2012/06/10
Adventures in cargo  Packin up a grill in the Jeep 2012/06/08
Home on the Range  Video links from the gun range 2012/05/29
A Li-Ki JEEP  Water Pump replacement 2012/05/20
Childhood Obsessions  Carmageddon video game 2012/05/11
Shocking II – the follow up  Zones Shocks and spacer lift Pt.II 2012/05/03
Earth Day Wheelin  Trip to Bridgeport for some more off-roading 2012/04/25
Doors –  Extra set of half doors – pained up to not match 2012/04/21
Shocking!  Review and Installation notes for Zones 2:spacer lift and shocks 2012/04/20
Another quick word from my sponsor  42 Solutions 4 Survival Paracord Bracelets 2012/04/18
Zombie Responce Team < ZRT  Another Zombie site I Joined 2012/04/13
Baby got a new set of shoes!  Review and Installation notes on BFG 31″ tires and wheels 2012/04/07
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers   Review and Installation notes on SMittybilt SRC Rear Recovery Bumper 2012/04/05
Still catching up on reporting  Filling some gaps between Jeep Purchase and the current state of the Zombie Wrangler. 2012/03/27

Shameless Plug – 42Solutions4Survival

 42 Solutions 4 Survival Paracord Bracelets 2012/03/26
Don’t laugh – Zombies are Real!!! Zombie Virus in Africa = Zombie Stuff 2012/03/21
What’s my name?  About the Author 2012/03/20
Keeping up @ Brdgeport OHV park 12/14/11  First trip to the Offroad park in the new Jeep – 2012/03/18
Start your engine!  Birth of a Legend 2012/03/09