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October 2013

Mobile Air

I haven't Been diligent as I wanted to keep the blog rolling.  Kiddo starting 4th grade, and cub scouts (that I get to help lead).  Girlfriend keeping me busy, and work rolling into overdrive getting ready for a big remodel... Continue Reading →

Downtown Cowtown New Eats – Del Frisco’s Grille

Downtown Fort Worth has been a maze of construction for over a year now.  All the new buildings going up in Sundance square hold the promise of great new retail outlets, dining, and office space.  But for people who work,... Continue Reading →

Lightsabers bring out the kid in me

I recently attended the local Sci-Fi Expo (Comic-Con) and fell in love with some of the toys available for geeks.  I am amazed at the progress of things since I was a kid and I really just can't help myself. ... Continue Reading →

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