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July 2012

Twin Peaks

The first Jeep night at Twin Peaks in Bedford was Monday the 16th.  The event turned out to be a lot of fun. Got to meet quite a few new people form LSJC, and had some fun in the "parking... Continue Reading →

Behind the Wheelin’ wheel

I can't take credit for these videos, members posted them across the forum and I just collected them togther.  I can say that I 3 Jeeps was in front of  the guy in video #1 and and did everything he... Continue Reading →

Wheeling in the Sun

Made my first outing with the Lone Star Jeep Club today, with over 50 Jeeps!! They divided us into teams and off we went to conquer nature. Thanks to "GUITARDED" our trail leader for only killing one rig.   You'll see... Continue Reading →

Cold in Here

Got the A/C fixed in the ZWrangler this week. $129 at my local Jeep-Dodge-Chrysler dealer. Had to replace the Schrader fill valve that was leaking, and they did it at no charge. First time I've ever heard those words from... Continue Reading →

Post-Zpoc Tech I

I am a geek, and love my toys, but watching some of the recent flood of Zombie / Apocalypse media I started wondering.... What Tech would really work if civilization collapsed? That starts a whole tree of questions that I'm... Continue Reading →

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