The Texas ZOMBIE WRANGLER – Adventures and Endeavours while wheeling away from the hordes.


April 2015

Particularly Puzzling Problems Procuring Puppies Produce Plus TORNADO!

I've never had a pet. Sure I've kept the occasional turtle, frog, insect, or other random¬†animal until they ran off, were evicted by parental units, or died, but never have I had a long-term animal companion. The other half loves... Continue Reading →


Yes I have them, but I'm still searching for what I really want, here is a spot for me to collect, organize, and share ideas. Current view of Circuit tattoo (click to enlarge images)   Designs and ideas  - EMail... Continue Reading →

Wheelin with Lizards

Last weekend marked Jeep's inaugural April 4th, 4-4, or 4x4 day.¬† I decided to go make some new ZombieJeep friends at the off-road park. Screaming Lizard customs was having their "Spring Fling" run showing off their Brute, and and I... Continue Reading →

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