Someone post these on the FaceBooks this week and since I added a 3rd TP9 to my collection I’m looking for some more mag extensions.

This guy 3d prints the base pads in multiple colors, and so far as I have found, the you tubes have not crucified him for delivering junk.  I happen to love zombie green, and he does not charge shipping, so what’s $18 to give it a try.

*** Update 11/14 ***
He already sent me a shipping confirmation, less than 24 hrs after placing order, so I’m liking it so far.  I was so excited wanted to make a placeholder here to upload photos and additional comments once they show up.

*** Update 11/16 ****
These were in my mailbox this afternoon when I got home from work.  How cool is that.  Big time brownie points for shipping fast and free.
I have added all the photos below.

You can see the layers form the 3D printer, but it is very even and the logo is sharp.  Cap screws were finger tight and really only function to keep the pad from coming off the front so no need to torque them back in.  Looks like they are stainless – great idea to prevent corrosion.

Installation was a breeze and gave me a good excuse to get out the magazine brush and give them all a good cleaning.  Was very nice that the screw went in at a slight angle making turning the allen wrench easier than parallel to the mag.  THe Mag lip into the slot was perfectly snug.  Only bad news I did not manage to get +5 into them, First loading was 19, then I remembered in the video they took off the base plate on the spring, so I took it back off and was able to make it to 21 (+3).  22 would fit but the last one was so tight I don’t think the RSA would have stripped it off the mag.  I’m happy with 20 that the TP9SFx mags with MecGar extended bases hold.

They actually fit nicer into the pistols than the Taran bases (which have a 3-4mm gap between the pistol and base)  DA and SA (FDE) pictured below.

Can’t wait to get out and shoot this weekend.