It’s been another year, and the blog has diversified to cover more hobbies than just the Jeepin’ life, it’s become more of a journal of all the places the Jeep has taken me.

So I’m trying to add this post at the beginning for an easy topical index to get to what interest brought you to the ZombieWranglerHQ.

I have a spread-sheet-esque list linked in the main nav bar, and a search function you can try, but after so many years I cant’ even remember what I was doing and wanted to try and divide it up topically to help focus on what you came here for.

  1. JEEPS –  Of course that’s what got it all started
    I have stuff on Jeep destruction & repair, off-roading, and, things and stuff…
    Plus a PHOTO GALLERY of other zombified vehicles I’ve run afoul of in and around town.
  2. Adventures – THis has become more of the bread-and-butter of my jeep life, Places the ZombieWrangler has taken me and trouble it has gotten me into.  the ZW brand has come to encompass my entire personality, so check in here if you ran into me at an event or something and you may even have a mention.
  3. Zombie Apocalypse – I have stretched this topic to cover all things fighting and survival related, so look for Shooting, medicine, disasters, and other fun stuff horde-related.
  4. Shooting things, I’ve become a ranked competitor and Range Safety Officer in multiple shooting sports.  It’s become a bigger hobby than anticipated, but also educational and a lot of fun!!!
  5. …still working on linking everything together…..Bear with me