The Texas ZOMBIE WRANGLER – Adventures and Endeavours while wheeling away from the hordes.


June 2012

Brain Food

SO.... I was at the Rahr brewery today, where I am pretty much eery Wednesday, havin a beer with my buds and enjoying the tour.  And lo and behold, my friends in the Zombie Food Truck happened to be there.   ... Continue Reading →

Stick it

They came last week, and I just made time to put them on....

Helping out

I have not been keeping up with the Zombie Wrangler as I wanted to, so I thought today's post would catch you up on what else has been going on in my free time. First off, shout out to my... Continue Reading →

Adventures in cargo

Took the Jeep to the company Picnic, and it was the main attraction.   Thank goodness for my harbor freight cargo basket, picked it up on savle for 69.99 and used my 20% off cupon that comes in every months flyer... Continue Reading →

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