Been busy and not keeping up with the blog. I have still been doing shooting matches and taking videos, but I have been posting them as private to avoid excess scrutiny. Here are some links and descriptions so I can easily share the whole list – good, bad, and ugly.

First up – CTASA GoFastDontSuck Postal Match – ETTS 24 Oct – This was a national match with 791 competitors. Instead of hosting it in one place due to Covidian regulation, they provided detailed stage blueprints and ran the match all over the US over the course of one month. I finished 363rd overall – just barely in the top half – 51.64%. 138th of 293 in Carry optics division (54.94%), but, most importantly 19th out of the 134 shooters in my “Level C” classification!!!

Eff Tim Herron
CO C-class Minor – 30.85s A-27, C-2, D-1 142/150 HF= 4.2788
20th / 65 in ‘C’ class 57.39% — 118/293 overall in CO (#1 – 7.3964 HF)

Another stage – Stone & Hammer, also GFDS Postal match
ETTS 24 Oct –
CO C-class Minor – 14.82s A-15, C-3, D-2 86/100 HF= 5.8030
19th / 65 in class 59.35% — 118/293 in CO (#1 – 11.0619 HF)

Went to a match to support the Mansfield Police shooting team – Lots of fun & multi-gun, Pistol + AR-carbine rifle, + Shotgun. So Excited I forgot to video most of the stages.

Couple of the stages from the MPD charity fundraiser “Cinco-de-Plinko” May 2022.
Took the AR-47 (7.62×39 custom build) to a carbine match, and at the end of this video I spliced in one clip when I was at a practice session testing out the Palmetto AR-9 9mm PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) – it is so much fun to shoot!!! The first time I took it out to a competition I classified at C-class, same as my pistol level, and That is never having shot a PCC match before. I need to find some of my other vids with this jewel.

Went with TXARMS out to ElmFork in Dallas for the DAPS (Dallas Action Pistol Club) Night time steel match. This was a totally new format for me, and a lot of fun, learning to deal with low light, muzzle flash and lots of static steel. Also mind games – shooting area is a hop-scotch like movement grid where you shoot square steel from square boxes, and round targets from the circles…Lot of brain work keeping head cool while on the clock.

Also been going to local club matches when available at Parker County Sportsman’s Club in Pooolville, TX. These vids all have a link to the next one, so I will start with my favorite and you can check out the rest.

PCSC Club Match

And finally (for now) I went all in 1950’s Hawaiian style for a PCC match with a M1-carbine. Amazed a lot of the young-uns with a Wooden Rifle, and still keeping up and exceeding par times.