Had a couple old posts eluding to the fact that we moved and were doing some remodeling – that is the simple story.  The full story takes 9 months, and what became a part time job that I had to pay to work at…. We bought a house from an elderly family member that had to move into assisted living.  I always wanted to live somewhere near town where we could walk to bars and restaurants and still have a yard and trees and this spot was perfect, well almost.  The aunt was never married and the house was only 2-bedroom 1200 is SqFt, not near big enough for two adults, a teenager, 4 Bassglehunds, a horde of tools, and like 5 vehicles.   So we embarked on an ambitious plan to dump our savings into the place and renovate it to our needs.  That involved adding almost 1200 additional SqFt of living space onto the back of the house, including new master bedroom, family room, dog room, Laundry center, and expanding the master bathroom.  Also throw in a shed/workshop and replacing the dead central A/C — which would have been inadequate anyway, after doubling the house size. After months of weekends and taking vacation days to meet contractors, frame walls and hang rafters,  meet inspectors, take-off and re-install Tyvek, hang over 100 sheets of drywall, and tape-bed-texture-and paint the entire house. We did it!  Final inspection was one day from the expiration of the 6-month permit period. I could go in for pages about all the trials and tribulations we went through, might write up a few as time permits, but wanted to have a place where i can show off a few photos and the claim credit – thanks to my brother, friends, and other contractors that made it possible. Google drive link to photos – Alex’s Ultimate DIY house remodel: https://photos.app.goo.gl/xZsSbaRefkWeNnPY6″ app.goo.gl/xZsSbaRefkWeNnPY6 https://photos.HYPERLINK “https://photos.app.goo.gl/xZsSbaRefkWeNnPY6” app.goo.gl/xZsSbaRefkWeNn