The Texas ZOMBIE WRANGLER – Adventures and Endeavours while wheeling away from the hordes.


Personal Life

Dogs won’t Die

Yes the pooches are still here. Hodor & Tyrion the Bassglehunds have taken on a life of luxury and I even on occasion pet them or let them sit near me whilst watching TV.  They have also learned to leverage... Continue Reading →

Shocking the shock repairs revisited

When last we spoke the poor ZombieWrangler was in sad shape with a snapped bump-stop bolt and no way to remove it.  Well the answer has come in the shape of a wire-feed welder. I picked up this little Ironton... Continue Reading →

Puppies part deaux

Their royal Bassglehund brothers, Tyrion and Hodor are doing well in their new home, and Daddy is adjusting to another living creature invading his space.  They have grown from palm sized pups into pesky pooches that can now reach up... Continue Reading →


Yes I have them, but I'm still searching for what I really want, here is a spot for me to collect, organize, and share ideas. Current view of Circuit tattoo (click to enlarge images)   Designs and ideas  - EMail... Continue Reading →

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