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May 2013

Palo Duro 2 – JJUSA

Jeep Jamboree. At first it sounded a bit hokey.  I mean really, I have a local club I wheel with.  I've got friends with Jeeps (and Toyotas - Gerone).  so why drive across the state to go offroading?  Go to... Continue Reading →

PaloDuro 1

I have a lot of media content to sift through stemming from my recent zombie-patrol of the 2nd largest canyon in North America - PaloDuro, which is  just outside Amarillo, Texas.   OK so it was really a Jeep Jamboree, but... Continue Reading →

Gas for the Owner

Well all know that Jeeps run on gas and oil.  If you are out of either one you ain't going anywhere.  People, on the other hand, require a much more diverse compliment of fluids to maintain running condition.   In the... Continue Reading →

Grill Bling

Ok so it's not on the grill, it's on the hood, and my gangsta cred it only about a 2  (on a 1-100 scale) so my use of "bling" and "grill" are probably not correct.  Anyways, here are the wicked... Continue Reading →

SpiderWeb Shade

Sorry I'm not home right now, I'm driving with my my Jeep.  Sorry that was funnier in my head. Was excited when it came in mail couple days ago, but it was raining, so first thing this AM I... Continue Reading →

Jeep-In Movies

Out the window of my office for about 3 months not I've watched them push around dirt and gravel and build theses giant blank billboards.  Not too long ago I caught wind it was going to be a new Drive-in... Continue Reading →

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