Out the window of my office for about 3 months not I’ve watched them push around dirt and gravel and build theses giant blank billboards.  Not too long ago I caught wind it was going to be a new Drive-in Theater.  Yes I said NEW DRIVE-IN.   Damn near walking distance from my office in downtown Fort Worth.


When the website went up  http://www.coyotedrive-in.com/   I immediately signed up for the newsletter.  Monday I got the new that they were opening this week and for us loyal first-subscribers they were having several special preview-nights, limited to 50 cars, and classic movies.  I was so in I tried to buy tickets online before they had the e-commerce site setup.

I couldn’t make the opening day, but last night i made it to the 3rd sneek-peek (Being the ZombieWrangler has it’s privileges) screening of Ferris Bueller & Raiders of the Lost Ark -it was really cool.

Beer and wine, decent ball-park like food, prices a little below regular indoor theaters. Great Pavilion with lots of big-a$$-fans, half a dozen big-screens in the pavillion to watch the Rangers before showtime, nice picnic tables and chairs for prob 75-100 people.  Fiberglass-rock style fenced in playground for the kids (fits well with Jeep theme).

For movie audio you have to use car speakers and FM radio – they do have a golf cart guy with a Jump pack (saw half a dozen yuppie idiots have to use it because they didn’t know your radio drains your battery).  All movies are double features so we didn’t’ stay for the 2nd show which started 1030ish, too late on a school night.

It’s right off Main street just north of river, by FW Cats B-Ball stadium, 3 screens and the web site says first-run movies like Iron Man on Fri…. http://www.coyotedrive-in.com/    Tix $8 adult, $6 kids under 6, can buy online in advance. Doors (and bar) open at 6, movie started 8:40ish.

Some notable Menu Item prices – note: all mass-prepared and stored in heat-lamp cases to be ready to server hundreds quickly, Still Good though.  Just dont’ show up expecting a first-class Jake’s or Chili’s style gourmet burger.  Still made a good dinner for me.
Beer -$4-5 (cans only, not taps yet, decent selection, incl Mike’s lemonade, Purple haze, Firemans#4 and the classic mass-produced light beers)
CheeseBurger – $3 (kinda small, no veggies, but very tasty meat, I ate a whole one before I remembered I like ketchup, so I got a second)
Fries – $2 ( good sized portion awesome steak-cut seasoned fries)
Big soft drink – $4  — Pepsi products, Lemonade, they do have some canned drinks and Energy-drinks, including the cool throw-back Mountain Dew cans.
12″ personal pizza – $6 / $7 with pepperoni
Didn’t get popcorn 😦