Ok so it’s not on the grill, it’s on the hood, and my gangsta cred it only about a 2  (on a 1-100 scale) so my use of “bling” and “grill” are probably not correct.  Anyways, here are the wicked J-double skull E’s-P  “Jeep letters” I’m now sporting front and center on my Wrangler.  Very Zombie-esque and unique, just like me.

IMG_0563b (Large)

Harvey Hustle is a cool dude, I met him in a back alley after paying off half a dozen peeps for the password.  He’ll probably kill me for telling y’all but you can find him in a dark corner of cyberspace block 137, lot19, aka HarveyHustle.com.    OK, pardon the subterfuge, honestly, I saw some of his cool merchandise on FB and messaged him, and got in on his first run of “Suh-weeeeT” Jeep lettering.

Great at communication of stock available, finishes, and shipping was so fast he must have a wormhole straight to Texas.   Josh even took all my nerdy-wordy emails full of praise and didn’t complain.  But don’t call him that, I wasn’t supposed to say his name.   Especially not 3 times, while looking in a mirror, on a Sunday….Oh no, I may have just started the Zombie Apocalypse.   On second thought – Yahoo!!  I’ll go grab the shotgun…

At $10 a letter these milled aluminum jewels would still be cheap.  I am happy to have caught him during the ‘Alpha’ phase and got mine for $25.  I feel obligated to make up the difference in exposure and marketing.  If you get in quick he might not sell out, you will certainly enjoy the good deal.  But you better chime in fast, sounds like he is going to rotate his creations like those awesome seasonal beers you can only get at certain times of the year, and these might be gone if you don’t hurry.

His Web Site HarveyHustle.com.  sums it up best:

Get your ass in here and shut the door.  Duck down for a minute and make sure nobody else saw you. 

Alright, look, Harvey Hustle™ got that murdered-out, one-of-a-kind, jaw-dropping, swag for tricking out your Jeep.  BUT it ain’t for EVERYBODY. 

It’s made in America.  Limited production run stuff.  And Harvey is pretty damn picky about what he’ll put out.   He ain’t greedy either.  His parts are priced for LESS than the OEM plastic garbage.  And his parts are made to stand up to zombies, forest fires, and mud of any nature.

But here’s the thing.  Harvey don’t like whiners.  Like people who whine about paying their taxes.  Or working hard.  Or missing out on something because they didn’t order it when they had the chance.

Shipping is a flat $3.  Harvey don’t make no money off that either.

Harvey Hustle™ is gonna be rolling out 2 new items a month.  If you want them, you better get at me son.  Before they’re gone.

For mounting I opened the hood a bit and clamped a piece of 1/4″ pylwood to the egde with some of those big 2″ spring clamps to give me a straight edge and something to mark on.  Measured the hood and marked center and then measured the distance between the letters while still mounted to the cardboard.   Once they were all marked I used some 3M mounting tape on the back, cut out (rather poorly) with a xacto knife.  I put them on backwards – (R-to-L starting with the P) – and used my carpenters speed square (right angle triangle) to move marks up from the board and keep letters straight.  Wish I took some better photos of that part, I got so involved I forgot about my camera.  It’s not perfect, but I’m cool with that.

IMG_0562 (Large)

Nicely packed in padded envelope and stuck to cardboard so the letters don’t get scratched rattling around in the bottom of  a baggie

IMG_0565b (Large) 

My “Awesome” job of applying the mounting tape – I got a 1″ x 60″ roll of the 3M stuff at home depot – for “Permanent Outdoor” mounting on a variety of surfaces.

IMG_0566 (Large) 

Pic after install – and shameless plug.