Well all know that Jeeps run on gas and oil.  If you are out of either one you ain’t going anywhere.  People, on the other hand, require a much more diverse compliment of fluids to maintain running condition.   In the morning it is Coffee, or Energy drinks, but once 5 PM rolls around it BEER.   This engine runs best when it gets the occasional tank additive is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy.   Not the kind you have in your fridge, that’s been mass produced in the communist republic of Illinois (or is it Missouri),  the pee that trickles down the rocky mountains, some beast out of Milwaukee, or Anheuser’s shrubbery,  but the Fresh-off-the tap local beers that go from the warm caring hands of a brewer to a local bar or restaurant with less that an hour of travel time.

Since this is craft beer week I thought it a good time to talk about My favorite fuel.  I’ve made a hobby of BEER, with many trips to local beer-drinking and beer-producing establishments.  My favorite is RAHR and Sons, a local micro brew that made headlines in Feb 2010 when 12 inches of precipitation from a freak Texas snowstorm overloaded the roof and it collapsed nearly destroying their production line.   In the following months the idle brewers produced a hilarious series of YouTube Videos about “What Brewers do when they can’t brew” and when they re-opened their popularity soared.  Their Wed-and Sat tours and tasting where you get 3 samples and then take home your pint glass have become regular appointments on my calendar.  I love the Ugly Pug, the Blond beats any of the aforementioned canned lagers, and  thier Burbon-barrell-aged Winter warmer is awesome.  I go there a lot, there are several shelves like this in my house.

IMG_4838 (Large)

New Kid on the block – Martin House Brewing Co.

Well Last week a new player in the Fort Worth Micro-brew game showed up.  MARTIN HOUSE BREWING COMPANY launched it’s first batch at the Flying Saucer and in one night floated over 10 kegs of their custom concoctions.   I sadly missed out on that release, but after the glowing review from a co-worker I set out to get my foot in the door and try some of this new stuff.   As luck would have it (and their newsletter announced) Mothers Day weekend they had their first Sat tour and tasting event, and the ZombieWrangler was there. As I walked in and looks out the loading dock I realized how close I’ve been to this new well of bubbling human crude oil.

MHBC  IMG_0557b

The beers were great.  Daybreak will be something I ask for everywhere, and, as it’s name suggests, would probably be awesome in a bowl of cheerios.  I’m not an IPA fan, but The Imperial Texan had enough flavor to get through the hopped up 8% (16 proof) alachol rating and not leave a bad taste in my mouth.   And even though I don’t’ know what a SAISON is, the River House was a delicious way to wash down the tamales they were selling under the tent in the back.

IMG_0558 (Large)

All the people were nice, they had a live band playing out back and washers boards and bean bag tossing courses set up.  Lots of folks showed up on bicycles, and I met some great new folks.

Maybe I’ll see some of you at a brewery in the near future in the meanwhile enjoy a pint from one of my favorite RAHR collectors glasses – Thanksgiving 2012.

IMG_5297 (Large)