Their royal Bassglehund brothers, Tyrion and Hodor are doing well in their new home, and Daddy is adjusting to another living creature invading his space.  They have grown from palm sized pups into pesky pooches that can now reach up to tables and counters.  I could narrate a dozen stories of growth and adventure on both our parts, but I’m going to cut them down to a few bullet points and let you use some imagination.

Things I’ve learned form dogs:

  • Can’t eat on the couch anymore
  • Let them out or put them in their crates BEFORE getting dressed for the office
  • No matter how cool the toy they have is, the one brother has is always better
  • Whatever you do, don’t look under the sofa
  • Roombas are evil creatures that should be pounced on and killed
  • Broom handles are the devil.
  • Even though they can pull you on a skateboard, don’t let them.
  • Don’t even consider giving a command without a treat in your hand
  • The only place to throw up is in mommy’s car
  • That sound is not a monkey
  • Cover your Jewels when sitting on the sofa
  • and last but not least, Baseboards are edible.