If you are reading from he bottom up you know I picked up a spacer lift and new shocks from Zone Off Road. [ https://zombiejeep.wordpress.com/2012/04/20/shocking/ ]  After a couple weeks I have nothing but praise for the kit.  At 10 years – 55k the factory shocks were not worn out, but the new ones are noticeably softer.  Last off road trip (Earth Day Wheeling) I disconnected the sway bar for the first time and let the new shocks flex and was very impressed.  I was worried about rubbing those new BFG 31×10.5.15’s in the wheel well and I didn’t stuff them once and it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Be sure to have a 18mm deep-well socket or crescent wrench, and a T-55 Torx to disconnect the front sway bar links at the bottom.  I didn’t know how to undo the tops so I just flipped them around and zip-tied them to the D-Shackles on the front bumper.  I’ll have to read more about what to do with them before the next trip.

Go and vote for the ZombieWrangler at the Zone Off-Road ‘Bad-to-the-Bone Zone’ – vehicle # 387  http://zoneoffroad.com/bad-to-the-bone?feat=387

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