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Mobile Air

I haven't Been diligent as I wanted to keep the blog rolling.  Kiddo starting 4th grade, and cub scouts (that I get to help lead).  Girlfriend keeping me busy, and work rolling into overdrive getting ready for a big remodel... Continue Reading →

A winching we will go

Finally Since I got the Jeep, I wanted a winch.  First off road trip I had to get pulled out and I was sold.  Oh the things I could do with 4 tons of pulling power.  Well I got one... Continue Reading →

Shocking II – the follow up

If you are reading from he bottom up you know I picked up a spacer lift and new shocks from Zone Off Road. [ ]  After a couple weeks I have nothing but praise for the kit.  At 10... Continue Reading →

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

Stock bumpers are for show only.  if you have been reading you know my first off-road Trip resulted in a winch and a bent rear bumper.  Time to get Rid of that junk... Off to shop!!! Just wanted a plain... Continue Reading →

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