The Texas ZOMBIE WRANGLER – Adventures and Endeavours while wheeling away from the hordes.



Shocking II – the follow up

If you are reading from he bottom up you know I picked up a spacer lift and new shocks from Zone Off Road. [ ]  After a couple weeks I have nothing but praise for the kit.  At 10... Continue Reading →


Earth Day Wheelin

Doors –

I just got a set of half doors that were missing the upper frames and canvas....from a friend who had wrecked hs Jeep long ago- for the price I though they'd be junk but I went to look anyway and... Continue Reading →

Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers

Stock bumpers are for show only.  if you have been reading you know my first off-road Trip resulted in a winch and a bent rear bumper.  Time to get Rid of that junk... Off to shop!!! Just wanted a plain... Continue Reading →

2 bolts per hour

Armor.    What about it?   Need some.... OK so first thing I decided to put on was a pair of Rugged Ridge  RRC 2" Side Sliders.  Got good reviews and I liked how they bolted to frame, provided a step to... Continue Reading →

Still catching up on reporting

I bought the Jeep in November, you should know by now some of that history (go read the old posts - seriously - there's only 4).   I didn't get the Blog up an running until just a couple weeks back... Continue Reading →

Keeping up @ Brdgeport OHV park 12/14/11

Well it wasn't but a couple weeks after I got the Jeep that the 4WD lever started to itch.   And ironically, about that time, I received a message from the manager of the Jeep dealer asking if I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Start your engine!

After a motorcycle accident I decided to look for a more safe recreational activity, something that say, had seat belts... The poor old pickup was sitting a 260,000+ miles and requiring more work every year so I started car shopping.  Without a family... Continue Reading →

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