The Texas ZOMBIE WRANGLER – Adventures and Endeavours while wheeling away from the hordes.

Vinyl Variety

What's been up in the vinyl workshop at ZombieWrangler HQ


Puppies part deaux

Their royal Bassglehund brothers, Tyrion and Hodor are doing well in their new home, and Daddy is adjusting to another living creature invading his space.  They have grown from palm sized pups into pesky pooches that can now reach up... Continue Reading →

Particularly Puzzling Problems Procuring Puppies Produce Plus TORNADO!

I've never had a pet. Sure I've kept the occasional turtle, frog, insect, or other random animal until they ran off, were evicted by parental units, or died, but never have I had a long-term animal companion. The other half loves... Continue Reading →

Wheelin with Lizards

Last weekend marked Jeep's inaugural April 4th, 4-4, or 4x4 day.  I decided to go make some new ZombieJeep friends at the off-road park. Screaming Lizard customs was having their "Spring Fling" run showing off their Brute, and and I... Continue Reading →

Family Jewels

Sorry, been behind on posts again - Life happens, but I have been storing content and am going to try and get that all out over the next couple holiday weekends.  Here's a start. Back in September I went down... Continue Reading →


The little lady likes her comfort.  and occasionally we have to haul things that the Jeep can't handle.  She had formerly upgraded her Civic to a Pontiac Torrent SUV, but, well, Pontiac...  She always loved her Honda, and wanted and... Continue Reading →

Its Wheelin Day

That's right Fun day out with the LSJC for their semi-annual new guys run.  I like attending these because risk of breakage isn't high and my 11-year-old can come along and I don't have to worry about him flying out... Continue Reading →

Vinyl makes Jeeps better

So I recently needed some replacement decals for the ol' ZombieWrangler and it's new girlfriend the ZombieElement and pricing blew me away.  So I opted for the DIY route and got myself a vinyl cutter.  After lots of practice and... Continue Reading →

Disconnected Part Deaux

Any good Jeeper knows about disconnecting your sway bar before hitting hte trail to help smooth out the ride by allowing the axle to float more when the Jeep is off-camber.  I was informed of this trick my first time... Continue Reading →

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