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Get me my Revolver

If you follow, you know I like beer.  If you didn't know, now you do.  Now that that is out of the way, know I especially like fresh beer, like right from the brewery to the public without ever going... Continue Reading →

Objects in mirror are LOSING! – My $20 Mirror Mod

Been meaning to write this for a month, but can't get the photos together, nor find the time to write...  Actually it's the time to edit, because I type so badly it takes twice as long to spell check than... Continue Reading →

Gas for the Owner

Well all know that Jeeps run on gas and oil.  If you are out of either one you ain't going anywhere.  People, on the other hand, require a much more diverse compliment of fluids to maintain running condition.   In the... Continue Reading →

Jeep-In Movies

Out the window of my office for about 3 months not I've watched them push around dirt and gravel and build theses giant blank billboards.  Not too long ago I caught wind it was going to be a new Drive-in... Continue Reading →

Raising Cane

Had a Cruise in with the Jeep Club this weekend, and unlike some clubs, you DO talk about Jeep Club!    I joined the Lone Star Jeep Club ( about a year ago and met some great people and had... Continue Reading →

Tolar Turkey Run

Went out with the Lone Star Jeep Club (LSJC) folks again over Thanksgiving weekend.  The Rock Trails of Tolar is a great place, been there several times before, but our leader really knew the park and took us places I've... Continue Reading →

Recon Training – BPNWOHV 102112

Had a fun trip out to the OHV park today about an hour North of the house, putting up a couple pics now and will ad some more fun and descriptions later.  Needless to say pushed the ZombieWRANGLER again and... Continue Reading →

Don’t shoot from the hip -shoot for the hip

After watching season two of "The Walking Dead" and the new "Resident Evil - Retribution" I couldn't help but notice the characters' propensity for head shots.  I'm pretty good with a gun, but in the heat of the moment, with... Continue Reading →

Good Old Planetside, how I missed thee

Planetside2 Beta is out and I'm loving it....

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