Melting stuff is cool.

SO when I hear a friend of mine made one of those youTube Propane Forges I started gathering all the aluminum I could find in hopes of casting something cool. He’s made knives and other sculptures but when I saw the video about pouring molten metal into and anthill I was convinced it was the coolest thing ever.

SO finally I compiled a copy-paper box full of heat-sinks, hard-drive cases, and other aluminum PC parts and Rang him up about planning a work weekend to melt some ants into my masterpiece.

After 3 aprox 6-Lb pours of melted aluminum we started digging, a process that continued for about 7 hours taxing every muscle of my 42-year-old body. I could barely move the next day. but we were finally able to lift it out and now all i need to do is finish cleaning it up and mount it to a base for stability.

Here is the video link: Anthill pour video Since it was my first time using my new GoPro I apologize in advance, I’m still working out the bugs, like the fact that I missed the first pour, accidentally shutting off the camera after just a couple seconds 😦 but I still managed to get a lot of video and edit out the boring times. I also ran out of battery life and sunlight so I didn’t get to document he dig, but I took a couple shots with the iPhone and spliced them into the youTube video at the end.