When last we spoke the poor ZombieWrangler was in sad shape with a snapped bump-stop bolt and no way to remove it.  Well the answer has come in the shape of a wire-feed welder.

I picked up this little Ironton 120v flux-core hobby welder at Northern Tool & Equipment on sale for $120, yep, just $1/volt.  throw in some gloves, welding wire and an el-cheap-o welding helmet/mask and I’m still under $200 – less than a mechanic (or so I am arguing).

After making some tests and adjustments in welding I stuck an old socket over the bad bolt and fired it up.  I also added a chunk of random steel plate across the joint on the back for a little extra reinforcement.  Once it was all complete I doused they whole thing in break-free and gggggeeennntlyyyy turned it out and it came loose!!

Was finally able to put Humpty Dumptey back together and am on the road again.

The little welder that could has proved pretty handy to have around since, I’ve repaired a couple small things, fixed the hitch on my motorcycle trailer, and made a couple specialty tools I’ll hopefully put together an article about in the near future.  It’s not something to build a mad-max car with, but for light, small stuff I like it and am glad I bought it –