Vinyl cutting has been coming along, I have been cutting and shipping and installing thing all over town, and across the country (the shipping part).  It’s been exciting and I keep getting more skilled at c.  Some of the stuff I’ve been up to I’ve remembered to Tweet or post on Facebook, but I’ve been lax in providing better details.

I’ve worked on storefronts, DryErase Boards, Cars, Boats, Cardboard boxes, Mugs, coolers, and all kinds other applications.  Done some custom designs, Mass produced bumper stickers for clubs and podcasts, and of course decorated a lot of my own stuff.

I’ve sent off 4 sets of my “Zombie Recon” 24- inch hood and side decal packs for people to zombify their Jeeps, and expanded my inventory of available colors to the point where I had to build a almost 8 foot tall rack to hold all the rolls.

Here are some pics of projects and the shop space.  And I wanted to point out something I’m asked frequently, take a look at the “R-Snake” (logo for last years Little League Rattlers).  It shows how the same cut can be peeled multiple ways for different effect in either Positive-vs-Negative space.

Happy Decorating.