Last weekend marked Jeep’s inaugural April 4th, 4-4, or 4×4 day.  I decided to go make some new ZombieJeep friends at the off-road park. Screaming Lizard customs was having their “Spring Fling” run showing off their Brute, and and I pulled in to a pavilion surrounded by every make, model and color of lean mean wheeling machines.

Day started out passing near Newark Texas en-route to Bridgeport, ironic cause my dad was in Newark NJ tending to grandma who threw herself down the stairs when we told her no one was visiting for Easter. Not really, but her 97 year old butt did slip at church and that caused quite an uproar.

Had a great day, climbed things, crawled things, drove through the pond, played in the mud, didn’t break anything, and had a all-around great time. Bonus – I did get to finally use the winch I installed two years ago to pull something other than a tree of the road – MYSELF!  I managed to slip into some ruts too deep for my little ZW and there was no going forward or back with the pumpkins holding the tires off the bottom.

Managed to get some photos, but mostly relied on the HD dashcam, so if you see your Jeep’s ass here, there is probably video of it too – shoot me an email and I can arrange transport.  I’ll get some of the better clips cropped an uploaded ASAP – try and add some captions too.