The little lady likes her comfort.  and occasionally we have to haul things that the Jeep can’t handle.  She had formerly upgraded her Civic to a Pontiac Torrent SUV, but, well, Pontiac…  She always loved her Honda, and wanted and Element, but with their discontinuation in 2011, they were scarce and we’d spent months looking for one that wasn’t driven till the wheels were falling off.  We located and viewed all 3 available within 200 miles, and browsed all 9 for sale on-line IN THE STATE OF TEXAS….but no luck….one of them was even bought the day we went to look at it.

Well we put the element quest on the back burner, but soon we got a call from one of the previously visited Honda dealers who’s sister Cadillac dealership had just received one in trade, very clean 2011, low mileage.  We rush over and were signing paperwork before it was even put into their inventory system. but we didn’t get to drive it home that day.  The vehicle still had some of its Honda Factory  warranty, and they wanted to do a thorough PM and cleaning, which to our surprise included new tires, A/C service, Radiator flush and fill, oil change, and a laundry list of other minor things.

Once the new “E” came home we immediately started plans for it that included a matching license plates, and vinyl zombification.

So far I’m just working on windows while we come up with ideas and colors, she wants to stay subtle so no lime green, but blood-red is making its way to the top of the list.  SO BEWARE THE ZOMBIE ELEMENT – Crawling malls near Fort Worth.