That’s right Fun day out with the LSJC for their semi-annual new guys run.  I like attending these because risk of breakage isn’t high and my 11-year-old can come along and I don’t have to worry about him flying out or getting bounced out of the seat.  Bridgeport NW OHV park is 75 min north of my ZombieWrangler HQ, and we were supposed to be there for a 9a briefing and group assignment, but grandparents visit kept us up late Fri night.  Then as I was planning and packing late Fri, I realized that the silly Texas Parks&Wildlife rules that govern the Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) program, mandated that I need a new 2015 sticker to be legal.  So we left for BPNWOHV around 10A when the local Yamaha dealer opened and could sell me a sticker.

Arrived out there about noon and most people were taking a lunch break.  I took the chance to air-down to 18PSI, un hook my new JKS Swaybar Disconnects, and flip back the top to enjoy the sub-100 Texas weather.