So I recently needed some replacement decals for the ol’ ZombieWrangler and it’s new girlfriend the ZombieElement and pricing blew me away.  So I opted for the DIY route and got myself a vinyl cutter.  After lots of practice and waste I’ve come up with a solid understanding of the process and am willing to go public to friends and family that want to have some custom decals.   I’ve created at least 2 more zombie-fied Jeeps with 24″ BioHazard hood decals, dozens of small crosses, butterflies, Celtic knots, and meters and meters of lettering.  I can work with almost any image, photo, or drawing, and scale up to as big as 24″ wide.  I have some of the small artsy-decorative stuff on my Etsy store.

For any of you thinking about vinyl cutters, I started thinking I just might get a small home-use one, like a Silhouette Cameo.  $200 on Amazon.  But by the time you get a table/stand and supplies (they come pretty much naked of accessories) and working with those little 12″ rolls of vinyl, I’d talked my self out of it. has a line of vinyl cutters starting around $300 that put those little scrapbooking machines to shame.  Mine came with a stand and ball bearing rollers to feed directly off a 24″ roll of any diameter.  And they include the software that makes cutting easy.  It literally tool longer to assemble the stand than to plug it in, install the software and make my first vinyl cutout.

So if you or your Jeep has and lettering or design dreams let me know.

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