Warning contains unsolicited shameless plugs for products I just happen to like.

     You have to be more than fast to get away from Zombies, you need stamina.  I can go pretty well for a couple hundred yards but the the tank is empty and unless there is a bunker with crates of ammo, I’ll probably be brain food.

So I’ve been trying to get back into shape – a shape other than round that is.   This quest has lead me to try may new foods and diet ideas, and like any other troubleshooting process there is a lot of trial and error.  One big thing I’ve learned in nothing is healthy if over-used or mis-used.   Ask an expert about what would be good for your particular situation.  While on this ride, I’ve found a few things I’ve really liked and thought I’d brag on them a little.

A year ago I quit drinking sodas, almost 100%. I mean if  I’m stuck somewhere and have no water option I’ll occasionally grab a coke, but we are talking no more than a one a month.   This has been particularly difficult because there is fridge full of free ones at my office.

Today, when feeding the ZombieJeep it’s $3.50/Gal weekly rations at the QT I stopped inside for protien bar and a drink and the clerk told me to check out the 2-for-1 offer on this new energy drink CELSIUS.   I’m a sucker for a free anything, but I told him that I’d quit that crap, and haven’t had a Monster, that was part of my daily routine, in almost a year.   He relayed that this one was sugar free and has lots of vitamins, so I thought what the heck.  I grabbed 2, dropped them in my lunch bag, and went on my merry way.

Then this afternoon I started to hit that 2:30 drowsies and remembered I’d tucked those drinks into the Fridge.  It was tasty, and not over-caffeinated like some of the energy drinks.  And to my surprise I’ve been running great all afternoon.


Celsius-Sparkling-Wild-Berry-Nutritional Info


Now about that Protien bar – Recently ran across a Twitterer who goes by the name of  @FITGIRLCARI  who had some custom Protien bars made for her trainees.  I got a good feeling from her (She complimented my Jeep) and promptly ordered a variety pack her @ECOTRECKBARS.  I figure I’m buying several a week at gas-station prices, what’s it hurt to try something new.  Well let me tell you they were all great.

The chocolate coating makes them delicious and the Raspberry (my favorite), coconut, and PeanutButter flavors sure beat the tasteless, dry, mystery bars pushed on me by muscle-bound idiots.   I had originally thought to keep these in my bug-out-bag as emergency rations but In the last 3 weeks I’ve eaten them all in place of breakfasts or lunches when I’m movin and shakin.

So if you are sick of that bland mush of a protien bar and are looking fro a tasty alternative try some of these EcoTreckBars Available for order Online