I recently ended up in a discussion with a friend visiting from another state and wanting to know what was good round these parts.  I decided I had typed enough info into the FB IM that I mine as well make use of it elsewhere.

I love working downtown Ft.Worth, such a mix of cultures.  In walking distance from my home-away-from-home (windowless office) my top picks would have to be:

Reata – On the high end, but not obscene – $25/plate — Amazing Texas cuisine, Tenderloin Tamales, and voted best Chicken Fried Steak, and an awesome Texas theme throughout the place.  this is a Must stop on any Ft Worth visit.

Taverna Pizzeria And Risotteria – for the Bittioni heritage in me there are several great Italian paces, but Taverna stands out with wonderful dishes and affordable lunch specials, fresh seafood, and fresh Parmesan cheese on everything.

Just out of perambulatory range the new 7th street arts district, home to a trio of my other favorites:  Fred’s Texas Cafe (featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives), The Pour House (Eric, the owner, is a FW local and hit the nail on the head for great food & atmosphere, awesome place to hangout), and the Rodeo Goat with it’s local beers, and Best-in-DFW award-winning burgers rounds out my top 5.

As for BBQ and the standard Mexican fare you can’t shake a stick without pointing at half a dozen places offering something great in those departments, as long as it’s not a fast-food chain you really can’t miss at a local Mexican or BBQ joint.  Risky’s BBQ is downtown, Angelos is a short hop north, and Cousin’s is round the corner.  For Mex or Tex-Mex Downtown try CaboGrande, Cantina Laredo, MiCocina, Chimi’s, or for fajitas (and only fajitas) Joe T Garcias on northside.

But my most visited local eatery is Fort Worth’s location of the beer-rich Flying Saucer.  First off I’ll admit that it’s location, 100 feet from my building, is a big factor on 100+ degree Texas afternoons.  But that’s not the only reason I habitually wander over there, I’ve been slowly working my way through their vast collection of over 300 different beers for several years now, it’s become a quest to get my name on the wall of fame.  Combining any of their great sammiches, bratwurst, or burgers, with a side my favorite German hot-vinegar-PotatoSalad and a Beer I’ve never heard of, is a lunchtime treat I find myself unable to resist several times a month.


Oh and for you followers from not-Texas, There is a “Zombie Burger +Drink Lab” that makes me want to plan a ZombieWrangler Road Trip to DesMoins Iowa… http://www.zombieburgerdm.com/