Still unpacking from the big move beginning of this year and I stumbled across the prize I won ad the last LSJC Christmas Party –  A Rubicon Express Steering Stabilizer.  I was bored for a change and so I decided I should go ahead and replace the 2002 stock one, aftermarket=better right? So i busted out the hi-lift, and then spent another 20 min digging for Jack stands…..All that finally located I set to getting the ZW up high enough to work on.


2 bolts, no sweat, right?  Wrong.  so much of my stuff is still packed that it took me an hour to locate an air ratchet and t right sockets, then I could’t reach it, then my arms were tired form working overhead and busting my knuckles for an hour.  Finally pried all the old hardware loose and then realized I couldn’t’ go with stock silver — it must be ZOMBIFIED….out with the green spray paint.  While at it I went ahead and hit the jack in som rusty spots and wiped down the Dana30 Diff cover and sprayed it green too….


That drying gave me a break to go have a cold one.   Getting it all back was just as much of a pain for my non-mechanic hands.  But after much cursing and beating with a hammer and way more green fingerprints than you can make out in these photos I got it all put together.  Note to others tackling this for the first time.  Lube the rubber isolator bushings and insert the sleeve and the pin BEFORE spray painting.  Sticky holes not good.  Topped it all off with the sticker I found in the bottom of the box, I like stickers.

   IMG_1903   IMG_1905   IMG_1908