I haven’t Been diligent as I wanted to keep the blog rolling.  Kiddo starting 4th grade, and cub scouts (that I get to help lead).  Girlfriend keeping me busy, and work rolling into overdrive getting ready for a big remodel of our whole suite. Blah Blah Blah, not much free time…

But something I suddenly realized this week was that I never told y’all (all 4 people that follow me, thank you) about, was all about my Smittybilt “Compact air system” or CO2 bottle.  Got this little beauty for Christmas and it sat around in the box with all the other Jeep parts for months before I finally headed down to the Metroplex welding supply and got it filled – they charged me $18 for the 10-lb fill.  Then it rode the bench again for another couple months until I finally made a point to remember to take it out to the trail.

Brought it along on the Palo Duro Jeep Jamboree and used it both days to fill all 4 tires from 14-15 lbs back up to 30 PSI.  The springy hose came with Standard 1/4 NPT quick-connects on both ends and  had no problem reaching 10-15 feet to the tires, and did fine with the cold air that comes from expanding CO2.  Since then I’ve used it one other time, at a local OHV park, again half fill on tires, and for 2 week it rode around in my girlfriends car which had a slow-leak tire that we never had time to go get patched at Discount Tire.  the best part – It’s still over half full!!!

The handle does a good job guarding the end of the bottle, and the valve closes tight for a leak proof seal.  The Regulator and liquid-filled gauge disconnect via an easy threaded end located after the main bottle valve making it easy to remove without the bottle emptying in a big woosh.  Love the carry back, the plastic buckle makes it easy to attach to roll bar or other item so it doesnt’ fall over in flight, and the padding keeps the bottle shiny and dent free (so far). Only complaint is the brass nozzle got a little uncomfortable to hold from the cold while filling tires, recommendation, like many Jeep trail activities, wear gloves.

Smittybilt Part s/b2747 - Compact Air System-RH1