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Downtown Fort Worth has been a maze of construction for over a year now.  All the new buildings going up in Sundance square hold the promise of great new retail outlets, dining, and office space.  But for people who work, live, or play downtown it’s been a great hassle.  Well there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This afternoon I had the treat of going to one of the pre-opening trial meals at the new Del Frisco’s Grille, located in the new building on 3rd street across from one of my longtime favorite hangouts, The Flying Saucer.  Officially opening Oct 29th for dinner and later next week for full time regular weekday lunch, dinner and weekend brunch, this special invitation came from a co-worker whose sister is on staff at the new eatery.  Who am I to turn down food?

Once we got free of the still under construction brick sidewalk, the inside of the Grille was exceptional.  Modern minimalist architecture and decorations combined with unique lighting made it very inviting.  The bottom of the two-level eating area featured a large bar area, what looked to be a sushi-bar type long counter/table to the back left, and booths and tables in the main floor area.

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We were seated upstairs with identical decor and a nice view of what will become the heart of the revitalized Sundance Square with its giant inverted sun umbrellas and open areas for festivals, concerts, or just for gawking at the new buildings.

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This kitchen and staff test day segmented the menu by table and asked that everyone in your party select something different for their entree and share a appetizer, side, or dessert.  Being we were there for brunch I selected the Chicken-Fried-Steak and Eggs, also on our table was the Ahi Tuna Steak, and the Prime NY Strip Steakhouse Salad.  For a shared side we went with the Parmesean-sea salt fries.  With the bar open I was pleased to hear local breweries on tap and immediately jumped for a Martin House Pretzel Stout.

Our water, Morgan, did a great job telling us about each dish, My CFS came covered in a yummy chorizo gravy, and the poached egg was on a cheese muffin that was delicious.  The Tuna steak was seared and rolled in a Sesame-Chive Crust, cut sushi style and served on chilled noodle salad with Peanuts, & Ponzu Sauce.  And the Steak salad was medallions of prime sliced steak, on a bed of spinach and mixed greens with avocado, bacon, Parmesan, blue cheese, and drizzled with lemon-horseradish dressing.  The salad came with a deviled egg; it was brunch after all.  The Fries were just fries, in a stainless cup with a cute little ketchup bottle, that has to be a pain for the kitchen staff to fill.

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All in all a great brunch, wonderful environment, and a super friendly staff eager to please.  I can’t wait for this place to open, so I can try the french toast, burgers, and some of the other wonderful entrees I saw walk by as we ate.

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Cheers to Del Frisco’s Grille, thanks for the great taste of what is to come. Certified Zombie Free Zone