It’s dark half of the day.  That’s why cars have headlights, they are not options, or part of some upgrade package, they come standard on every vehicle.  But for real Jeep people standard isn’t ever good enough.  One of the iconic accessories for Jeeps is lights.  Jeepers put them on the bumpers, hood, windshield, even add bars of them over the roof.  After 2 years of upgrading my Jeep I decided it was time for something better, After stalking forums for a while I was steered to a guy in our local club who had hooked up with a LED manufacturer that made some great clones of the Rigid LED pods.  These shock proof, water proof, aluminum enclosures looked more rugged than the Rigid LED pods and were half the price.  So I asked him to order me a pair and picked them up that weekend at his house with every intention of installing them immediately.

Life happens.  I don’t remember what it was that got in the way, but I didn’t get them installed that day, or that weekend.  Honestly they sat on my shelf for a month, probably like 6 weeks before I finally got a round tuit.  First thing I noticed getting them out of the box was that these  were solid blocks of aluminum.  They felt like they would survive crashing through a building.  Good, I drive a Jeep.

These instruction-less straight off the boat from China specials only pull 1A each so I just wired them straight to the Fuse box under the dash and up to a Daystar rocker switch in the bank right under the radio.

First time I hit the switch I was impressed – it’s like having one of those halogen work lamps on my hood.  It was creating  shadows in the daytime.  Took a couple pics on the road that night and you can see the reflective signs and things that appear out of nowhere 50+ yards out when I switched them on.

IMG_0776 IMG_0777 IMG_0778 IMG_0779 IMG_0780

Regular headlights are not even enough for the iPhone to focus, and you cant’ even see the Cross street on the right yet, much less the fence on the left or the signs way out ahead.