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If you follow, you know I like beer.  If you didn’t know, now you do.  Now that that is out of the way, know I especially like fresh beer, like right from the brewery to the public without ever going for a ride in some hot shaky truck that foams it all up.  You can imagine then how happy I was to find out REVOLVER BREWERY is located right here in Granbury Texas, 30 min down the road from the zombie’s nest.  And even better they have the Saturday tour and tasting like several of my other favorite local haunts like Rahr & Sonsand Martin House Brewing companies.  ! Road Trip !

After a hearty breakfast at my favorite Elk’s Diner, I picked up my dad and headed out to find the fountain from which the delicious amber brew flows.  Down 377 to the Acton highway, then just 4 miles out east into town lies the large property and warehouse where the magical liquid is crafted.  I was able to find a large dirt pile from a recent slab extension that made a perfect jeep parking place and then I hurried into the line to get my tour ticket, souvenir glass, and free samples.

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Once equipped with the prerequisite wristband I was off to the bar to pick from “High Brass”, “Blood&Honey” and “Revolver Bock” their three in stock offerings.  Unlike the other tours I’ve been to, they pour you four 8-oz glasses, leaving you to taste them all and then go back for your favorite.  A feat which I struggled with because they are all great tasting brews.   I decided I like this strategy because the last few sips of beer at the bottom of you glass isn’t hot when you savor the flavor (drink slow) like I do.   I also have to give props to the BBQ folks that came out, their $5 1/2 lb chopped brisket sammiches were frickin awesome.

The Huge shaded porch showed a level of forethought to the building orientation and the ample number of picnic tables was a great place to sit and chill and listen to the Blue-Grass/Rap stylings of “Fish Fry Bingo” and their progressive covers including “Paul Revere’s Ride” From the Beastie Boys.  The large yard included some corn-hole toss setups, more picnic tables, and a neat water trough play area for the kids.  All in a ll a great trip, I’ll be heading back there again.

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