Been meaning to write this for a month, but can’t get the photos together, nor find the time to write…  Actually it’s the time to edit, because I type so badly it takes twice as long to spell check than it does to compose.

It’s summer, and my Jeep’s A/C was out, so that means no top.  Maximum airflow.  I know what you are thinking there is a way to get more air – the doors come off too.  But the TJ problem is the mirrors are on the doors and I am pretty dependent on at least the driver’s side mirror to save me from turning around to look before I enter the highway or merge left.

Problem: Want doors off, but also want mirror – broke so needs to be $20 or less

Solution : Install mirror on door hinge

Picked up a bolt on truckers accessory mirror at auto zone for $15.95 – kinda like this one

Then I took off goofy mounting hardware and held it where I wanted – marked horizontal axis.  Then I put it in my bench vise and mashed the round tube down to flat on the marks.  Used grinder to chop off the end.  then drilled hole in it.  Found leftover carriage bolt in my bucket of misc metal parts, couple washers and a nut and VIOLA – mirror.

IMG_0647 (Large)    IMG_0648 (Large) 

Pretty Stylish – The mirror, not the crazy 10 year old hanging out of the Jeep  … :-/

IMG_0646 (Large)     

And then added the final touch – The $2 amazon mirror sticker to remind you of all the losers behind you… I bought half a dozen of these and have them on all the mirrors attached to my various Jeep doors.

IMG_0659 (Large)