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Searches for “Zombie Tire Cover” have pointed traffic my way, so I felt I needed to update this post.  Each of the covers at the bottom lasted under a year.  Texas 100+ degree summers and and winters dipping into the teens wreak havoc on exposed soft vinyl.  The spray-paint Umbrella logo was cracking and peeling after about a year when I replaced it with the new “Zombie recon vehicle” cut vinyl on a plain black tire cover.  Spent $40 on that vinyl which only lasted about 9 months. It’s demise was aided by my 10-year old, who had tried to be nice and pick the loose parts off, the tips of the bio-hazard went first, and then a few letters disappeared, and the whole thing was pretty shabby looking after about 8 months. And off I went on a quest to find another tire cover.

Saw this one in some photos and hunted it down online.  The pre-printed logo on the soft cover has lasted more than a year now, and despite it’s tendency to rotate out of place (OCD moment), I love it.  Best part is – it was $20 online from PepBoys Auto – and comes in Red or white as well as my favorite green.  They offer a small (26-29″ tire) and Large (29-33″)  – I got the large, be sure to double check the size before checking out.  And yes, that is a Texas legal custom license plate. I’m a sucker.  Now you have a link to get your own – send me a photo to be included in my Zombiefied vehicle registry.

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Finally upgraded the spray-paint Umbrella logo on the spare tire cover.  It served me well, got me a great parking spot on the curb right next to the ticket booth when the last Resident Evil  movie came out.  But it was kinda getting warn, and my hand painted letters were Hard to read.

Thanks to 1060 Graphics  – who provided me a couple 24″ bio hazard symbols and custom lettering for the new tire cover.  Admittedly it was hard to get the vinyl onto a soft and stretchy material.  I put another heavy-duty tire cover over the umbrella one to help stiffen the center and then as carefully as I could (and with the help of a 9 year old) rolled the decal onto the new blank cover.  Only had one tiny wrinkle.

I haven’t seen it anywhere else – so as of April 13th 2013 –  I’m claiming the title of First “ZOMBIE TACTICAL RECON VEHICLE” in Texas

Out with the old

This is me
This is me


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When I got the Jeep it had a really nice heavy vinyl cover form the dealer with it’s logo.  I bet this one would have lasted for years. Several times I’ve considered trying to black out the lettering and redo it, but I just don’t think there is a good way to bond something onto it cheaply.