I got a flat.

It happens to the best of us, and truthfully I’m surprised I’ve made it this long with some of the places the ZombieWRANGLER has taken me.

Good News – I got to use the kick a$$ farm jack I’ve had mounted to the hood for a couple months.  It was 20 times better than that little bottle jack under the passenger seat.

Bad News – I still had to use the little tire iron from under the seat and it barely reached deep enough into the rim and was a pain to pull break the nuts looks.  Also, putting a 205x75r15 spare on the front of a Jeep with 31×10.5’s causes steering issues.   <– Dangerous, Please don’t try this at home.   😦

I immediately started plotting the demise of this cheesy “donut” spare.  As if on queue , an ad fell out of the paper and – NTB  came to the rescue.  I was able to get a “HIFLY Vigorous AT” mounted on the 5th rim of my set that I’ve kept in the garage since baby got his new shoes.   The tire’s data sheet boasts “Grippy tread to prevent hydroplaning” — ?Really?  is “Grippy” even a word?   Anyway for just over $100 it’s a steal for a tire that size….

Here I thought “problem solved“, but as with and good story, or infomercial, “Wait there’s more !!”  The custom rims that I am using are Backspaced 1.5″.  In simple terms that means the tires stick out a little further from the vehicle (better stability), but on a spare that mounts to the tailgate that meant it no longer reached the rubber supports that keep it from wobbling.  And with that tire being bigger and heavier than stock, a couple good pot holes and it would bend or break the mount, tailgate or both.  So back to the shop I went.

Measured the gap then removed the spare and the bumpers.  Made some wood spacers out of some old cabinet door styles I’d ruined 10+ years ago. (yes I have a stockpile of leftover lumber for my construction days)  Now all I needed was some longer bolts problem is finding metric – M6x1.0x70mm.  Lowes, Tractor Supply, Home Depot, Ace hardware — all no dice.  Praise the internet – Amazon has a 10-pack for $15 + $5 shipping – at $2 each, that’s almost the most expensive screw I’ve had (X-wife still holds that honor)

So after 6 days without a spare, bolts arrived and I got it all re-mounted.

IMG_0336  IMG_0393  IMG_0392