So I’ve been crazy busy since Thanksgiving. Done a lot of work on the ride and had some fun. Took some photos, hope I can find them all, but I’m going to run through events first then fill in the projects.

I told everyone I wanted a Jeep Christmas and boy howdy, was it one. Loot included:
-Hi-Lift Hack (from my brother)
-Pair of round accessory headlights (Mom & Dad)
-Euro Taillight Guards (Girlfriend)
-Headlight grills (also Girlfriend)
-Mirror Brackets – for when the doors are off (Self)
-and a pair of Zombie prep T-shirts (Co-worker, and little sister)
and the big score was after Christmas — Drumroll —
SMITTYBILT XRC 8k Winch (Giftcards & Misc cash presents)

Now the fun part off all that schwag is actually putting it all on.

And that required all kinds of accessories – I had to buy Hood mounts for the Hi-Lift Jack, That project was not so easy – look for another post on it soon. Then the round lights were too big to go on bumper tabs, so I got some windshield hinge mounts for those. Soon after i realized I would probably want to turn the lights on – need some switches for that. Then I Had to get a mounting plat for the Winch – that whole installation was a huge PitA (another post). And I am sure I forgot something….

Moving on….

Maintaining my DIY attitude on this vehicle, I started tackling them smallest first.
Headlight grills were the easiest, but I had to make it a little more difficult, instead of installing them lined up with the mounting holes for the headlight bezels – I went with the angry slant.  Had to drill new holes in the ?plastic? (I thought chrome) headlight rings and put 3 little screws in each – time elapsed about 30-45 min, most of which was looking for tools.

Tail light guards were pretty easy but a little more involved. They will get their own post.

So…proofing this, I see I am now committed to make at least 3 more project breakdown posts with lots of photos, but to keep everyone salivating – here is the ZombieWrangler today…