Made my first outing with the Lone Star Jeep Club today, with over 50 Jeeps!! They divided us into teams and off we went to conquer nature. Thanks to “GUITARDED” our trail leader for only killing one rig.   You’ll see the Cherokee in the beginning with the steering link ratchet strapped to the frame just a few shots in.   Our “easy” group started slow but by the end of the day we were tackling trails on 3 wheels – kept finding places that one would lift off the ground.   New tires and Zone off road budget boos did nicely.  No mod to report, place was dry as a bone, but I did have to wipe a generous coating of dust that covered everything in and out of the Jeep.

If any one wants the hi-res versions of pic below, leave a comment or email me –  — Great to meet y’all –  Thanks again for the fun.