SO…. I was at the Rahr brewery today, where I am pretty much eery Wednesday, havin a beer with my buds and enjoying the tour.  And lo and behold, my friends in the Zombie Food Truck happened to be there.    Let me clarify – I am an Omnivore, I eat pretty much anything, and am certainly a fan of good old fashioned dead animal.  But these guys take vegan food to a whole new level – heck I could live on their dishes.  Today’s menu board listed a “BUFFALO JOE – a new take on the classic sloppy joe” .

When they claim to “bring your taste buds back from the dead” they mean it.  Uber Props to Fred – head zombie, and the whole crew…anytime I see this truck I’m pulling over…and it’s not just because they let me put some stickers on the side of the truck….