Took this weekend and went out to my folks land near Corsicana, TX.  Brought some ammo to continue to hone skillz at zombie slaying.  My Brother kicked in with some awesome zombie targets, and I added some Tannerite so there wasn’t any way we couldn’t have fun.

Zombie Headshot Roulette.

Also had a small incident involving the old chair we leave out at the range.  Apparently it’s just too weathered, and when I sat in the poor old vinyl chair, the leg cracked off and it sent me sprawling out on my face.  some laughter ensued, and once I got over being the target of jokes, I decided to exact some revenge on the chair.  Remember a vinyl lawn chair was injured in this video, but it deserved it.  Really.

Poor old Plastic Lawn Chair

And remember Stay safe out there, especially on private ranges.  Respect all Firearms and always be cautious.