Yes the water pump went out in the Jeep.

Yes I fixed it myself.

Yes I took Pictures.

Yes I intend to write about it

No, I haven’t had time ūüôā


Prelude: Wednesday 051612

The ZombieWRANGLER was in time out for 5 days – it peed on the parking lot at the Rangers game Tues night. ¬†It was a kinda funny story, we noticed¬†the river of green as we were walking back to parking lot after the afternoon game, and we laughed and joked about “some poor bastard with a leaky radiator”, until we’d followed the river right up to my JEEP,¬†¬†Then it wasn’t funny anymore.¬† Filled the radiator back up with half-empty bottles of water and cups of melted ice from the parking lot and it was only a slow drip, so I resolved to stop a couple times and check it on the way home (careful – HOT STEAM) and made it there without incident.

Don’t know if it’s just a coolant hose, or water pump bad, or what.¬† I haven’t been able to shake off work, Boy scouts, little league, and picking up other slack for the X for one minute of daylight since the minor league KC Royals hammered us Monday (& Tues so I hear)…¬†¬† Pricing it at AutoZone, looks like the entire cooling system can be replaced for around $100 ( water pump, hoses, thermostat, gaskets…as long as it not the radiator) and I am mechanically inclined enough to tackle it….only problem is there is literally only a 1030-2p window on Sat that I am not already booked when I can work on it……


Conclusion: Sunday 052012

After about 10 hours of labor and learning – I am proud to report problem diagnosed, Parts purchased, and Water Pump replaced. ¬†The ZombieWrangler is back on the road, green zombie juice leak free.¬† The inside of the pump housing had rusted through and there was a tiny hole about 1/16 in diameter on the outside by the heater hose – right on the stamped serial number. ¬†So pulled the fan cowling out, the radiator-out, the fan off, and then was finally able to get to the butternut squash sized water pump – all while mumbling to myself “it shouldn’t be this complicated”.

I had heck of a time getting to everything with my giant meat hook hands, especially hard to unbolt the fan because it’s on a clutch that free-spins – note to other moonlight mechanics, works better if you do it before you take the belt off.¬† Also a note for the MOPAR man – the bracket that attaches water pump to the power steering pump is a pain-in-the-Azz. ¬†It needn’t be that tough – there cant’ be that much torque in a coke-can sized hydraulic pump.

In other news, the hoses looked to be in are in great shape – cut in a flush T and washed it all out, and there was hardly any sediments¬† inside.¬†¬† Even the spring coils inside the hoses are only minimally corroded.¬† Radiator is good, was real gentle not to bang up that plastic bottom, got some cautionary advice about that being a potential hazard.¬† Probably some other things I could have done while in there, but I only had a small window of opportunity, and I’m and still a rookie mechanic.

Thanks to all the guys at¬†¬† for the advice, encouragement, and the link to the photo tutorials for water pump replacement at STU OLSEN’s JEEP SITE –,¬† saved me more than half of my normal allotment of cursing, and I only busted one knuckle and lost a small amount of blood.¬† Jeep christened…..

O and thank you jeebus for the invention of the air ratchet….