I bought the Jeep in November, you should know by now some of that history (go read the old posts – seriously – there’s only 4).   I didn’t get the Blog up an running until just a couple weeks back so I’m still assembling the borders of the puzzle.   Just 3 weeks after I go the new Wrangler, I was invited to the Jeep park in Bridgeport TX.  It is 500+ acres of trails cut out through the wilderness designed for off-road vehicles.  After plowing through mud, rocks, hills and valleys, getting stuck on a rock the size of a kegerator, getting winched out  and bending a bumper, I was hooked.  I knew I needed to increase the capability of the Jeep before I could really have any fun.

This trip was 100% factory setup.  Nothing added, still had the tire cover from the dealer.  I was pretty amazed how much power 4WD-Low transferred to the tires, and how many places it would go without any issues.   A true 4×4!